Context – baking cupcakes for the missus

I do not like this album.  Not even a little.

Now I try not to judge Lil Yachty and mumble rap too harshly knowing that my reaction amounts to little more than “Old Man Yells At Cloud”–I know this music isn’t for me, I respect the birth of new subgenres, no blood no foul.

But the only reason this sometimes works is because there’s some solid beats on this.  Nothing crazy, but they get your head boppin’ no problem.  Even taking all of that into consideration, this is laughably bad.  Like Dirk Diggler trying to cut a record bad.

The lyrics are nonsense pseudo-rhymes that a 9 year old would write.  Just repetitive nonsense like on the song “Better”: “Everything in life could always be better / don’t settle for less / ’cause then you miss out on more”.  Just over and over and over again.

And don’t get me wrong, I sang along to like 3 of the 21 songs, which is a testament more to the human condition to chant and feel a part of something than it is to Yachty’s cleverness.  Why this thing goes on for an hour and nine minutes is beyond me.  Just not even within the realm of my comprehension.

After processing all of these emotions about the album, it came time to write this blog post.  That’s when I was reminded that the album is titled Teenage Emotions, which slightly changes the context and how I should approach this album.  Assuming he meant to write intentionally banal songs to mock his peers (having several times referenced the fact that Yachty is still a teenager himself), this album could maybe be seen as an elaborate prank designed to belittle his perceived lessors while subjecting an audience to a test of wills–a game of chicken where everyone loses.

I’m not sure if I am willing to give Yachty that much credit.  This opinion is obviously and unabashedly biased against Yachty because either way, I wasted almost two hours of my life listening to this trash when I could have been doing literally anything else.