Context – digging my heels in

I can’t believe I got tricked again.  Always with the Christian music.  Always.  Why can’t I ever stumble into some Allah worship?  Or some Yiddish folk music?  Or however the Baha’i praise whatever they believe in? Nope, always the Christian music.

Today’s adventure came from an unlikely source: Reddit.  I follow /r/nottheonion, which informed me today that prog band 4:44 released an album titled Jay-Z since Jay-Z named his most recent album after them.  A clever ruse to be sure!

The album itself is some ok indie/soft/prog/jam rock out of Philly’s local scene, or so the article referenced in the subreddit leads me to believe.  What they didn’t tell me is that it’s a Christian indie/soft/prog/jam band, and for that I will never trust them again.

Unsubbed, /r/nottheonion.  Get your sourcing together.