This blog is mostly a track-record of how well I keep up with my New Year’s Resolutions.  When I meet these goals I will write about my initial impressions here.  These impressions are not binding and I reserve the right to change my mind about any and/or all of this with little to no warning.  If my initial impression of an album skews negative but I spend more time with it and reference how much I dig it in a later post, this clause will serve as a bookmark for the haters.  We’re all people here, our minds are not so iron clad and infallible as keep the first impression (as important as first impressions may be).

Daily Goals

  • Read every day.  The end goal being to have read a minimum of 24 books by 2018 (2/month).  These can be of any length or genre, just have to get to the last page.  Reading 24 children’s books > re-reading Ulysses (for the purposes of this goal).
  • Write every day.  Writing blog posts here doesn’t count (although it really should.  Quit bargaining with yourself, Jason.  Don’t tell me what to do, Jason).  Writing a Sonnet for the Sonnet Project does count.  Haikus count as sonnets (sometimes).
  • Listen to a new album every day.  The written reflections of these albums will make the bulk of this blog by sheer number of posts this project will generate.  This will hopefully help keep me curious while also keeping me from listening to St. Vincent albums on repeat.

Weekly Goals

  • Submit a thing for publication.  My MA thesis would be a good start.  Some of these poems may work.  That manuscript I wrote a couple of years ago is probably fair game.
  • Get some movement in my life.  As in work out.  And by working out, I mean a brisk walk will do.  I want to start biking as my primary method of commuting, and can do yoga or something on days where riding my bike isn’t an option (curse you Midwestern Winters!).  Let’s shoot for 3-4 days per week, which seems like a reasonable amount of days to ride my bike to work.

Monthly Goals

  • Read 2 books per month (see above).  One novel and one non-novel (non-fiction, poems, a play, whatever).  Seems legit.
  • Catch up with someone I don’t talk to every week.  Coffee is nice.  Dinner works sometimes, but can get pricey.  Having them over for a dinner party is fun.  Something like that.