My name is common to the point of obscurity–if you were to search me in the Google box you would find pages for an actor, director, and interior designer, and that’s just the upfront searches.  As such, I have decided to write using my middle name, and will thus be referred to as Jason Romagni.

Because the internet works best with pictures, here’s a recent one of me:


This site will be a multi-headed beast: part portfolio, part ongoing project(s), part CV (should I ever need an online version of that).  Let’s start with the ongoing projects, shall we?


The main project this site will house is “Keeping Up with the Rollins“, in which I will attempt to live like Henry Rollins.  Mostly just in the sense that he tries to listen to acquire at least one new album every day.  I don’t have the means to acquire a new album every day, but I will be listening to a new album every day and recording my reactions here.  Seems simple, but I’m sure the grind will get to me sooner or later.


A project I keep abandoning and coming back to is what I call “The Sonnet Project”, in which I try to write a sonnet every day and share them with the internet.  I’m not masochistic enough to attempt to record two daily writing challenges, but I imagine some variation of this project will appear sooner or later.

I have other goals and things that may make their way into this blog, but if it’s nothing but 250 word blurbs about albums I stumble across, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  If you have a suggestion for something I should listen to, email me at jromagniblog [at] gmail [dot] com.  I will not respond to your email, but I will take your recommendation into consideration for my adulation.

I’ll let you know if this writing thing gets me anywhere.

Until then,