Welcome to “Keeping Up with the Rollins”, in which I will attempt to live like Henry Rollins.  Mostly just in the sense that he tries to listen to acquire at least one new album every day.  I don’t have the means to acquire a new album every day, but I will be listening to a new album every day and recording my reactions here.  Seems simple, but I’m sure the grind will get to me sooner or later.

The quality of the music I listen to will vary, as will the genre, as will the quality of my reactions and musings.  As of now I don’t have a set format or length commitment, I’m just providing a rough idea of how an album made me feel and my initial reaction to it.  These could be as short is “it’s ok” to a 5,000 word diatribe about the declining influence of punk on the youth of today.  Who knows, I haven’t reached either extreme as of yet.