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The Horrors – Luminous (2014)

Context - plotting and scheming Things are in motion!  I'm in the "putting too many projects on my plate" phase of my creative process, and we'll see what cream rises to the top, as it were.  Hopefully all of it... Continue Reading →

Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave (2016)

Context - Trying some things out I used to love Taking Back Sunday.  I still do, in my heart of hearts, despite not really listening to them anymore.  It's funny how that works sometimes. Back in the early days, I... Continue Reading →

Untitled Upcoming Project (????)

Context - totally cheating I'm working on a Jukebox Musical because what else am I doing with my hands?  I have a draft playlist I've been listening to all day, and consequently forgot to listen to a new album.  But... Continue Reading →

Bane – Give Blood (2001)

Context - creating a bullet journal Because I'm a sucker for YouTube tips on organization.  I've been feeling untethered at work lately, and this should help me manage my ever-evolving to-do list.  I only hope I left enough space for... Continue Reading →

Jawbreaker – Bivouac (1992)

Context - Updating the budget Riot Fest had one job to do--not schedule anyone I wanted to see during Jawbreaker.  And what did they do?  PUT ANDREW W FUCKING K AT THE SAME TIME AS JAWBREAKER! This presents a quandary... Continue Reading →

The Districts – Popular Manipulations (2017)

Context - I don't even remember Guys I finally got one right!  I thought this would be some smooth indie and I was right!  Like somewhere between what I assume The National and Arcade Fire sounds like, but with a... Continue Reading →

Kesha – Rainbow (2017)

Context - running errands This album is a strange one, to be sure.  Stylistically Kesha is a bit all over the place on her latest release, Rainbow.  I really wanted to say that the only constant through-line on this album was... Continue Reading →

Jimmy Eat World – Damage (2013)

Context - should be sleeping but YOLO I saw Jimmy Eat World play with Incubus and it changed my life so I decided to go deeper into their discography.  Man these guys rule the school.

Joy Division – Les Bains Douches (2001)

Context - still stuck on Minimalism I love to hate on this trend, y'all.  I mean I'm all for decluttering or whatever, but especially with the "new" wave of "minimalism can be whatever you want it to be!" participants I... Continue Reading →

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