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St. Vincent – MASSEDUCTION (2017)

Context - driving home I've been waiting for this album all year, and with a build up of over ten months of expectation and rising anticipation, it risks becoming a case of a thing having a prohibitive amount of hype.... Continue Reading →

Umder The Influence of Giants – Under the Influence of Giants (2006)

Context - obvious joke is obvious

The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic (2003)

Context - making dinner This is a good album I liked it very much but not as much as the distillery I visited today; whiskey tasting is better than most good albums.

Becca Mancari – Good Woman (2017)

Context - driving home I have two weddings to go to this weekend, so expect more of the short-post-promise from me.  Which is a bummer, because on Saturday I hit 300 posts.  I'll try to do something a bit more... Continue Reading →

The Contortionist – Language (2014)

Context - cheating I've listened to this before but life is crazy so I'm going to tell you to listen to this instead.

August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem (2017)

Context - gaming These dudes are staying the course, for better or worse.  I'm of the opinion it's for the better.

The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful (2017)

Context - cleaning I need to not write these after 8:00 PM because all I want to or otherwise can say is "why aren't I asleep yet?" This album did not put me to sleep, despite it's overall lack of... Continue Reading →

Weaves – Wide Open (2017)

Context - I don't even remember I listened to this in the morning and it's now night so their music isn't exactly fresh in my memory.  I remember liking it.  I remember it rocking harder than I expected, though I... Continue Reading →

The Contortionist – Clairvoyant (2017)

Context - train riding to the suburbs I saw The Contortionist with Polyphia and Between the Buried and Me a few weeks ago (or was that only a week ago?  Seems like forever; I miss you Lucas and Lawrence!), and... Continue Reading →

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