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AJR – Living Room (2015)

Context - updating websites Going backwards through AJR's limited discography has proven extremely worthwhile.  Still prefer their new album.  You should listen to either immediately though.

Joe Pass – I Remember Charlie Parker (1979)

Context - double checking I was YouTube surfing at lunch (like I almost always do) when I came across a video of Walter Rodrigues Jr. playing a jazz guitar arrangement of "Isn't She Lovely".  I've seen a few of Walter's... Continue Reading →

Pinegrove – Cardinal (2016)

Context - losing in the gaming Yesterday was a day for pre-wedding parties as my wife's best friend had her bachelorette party and the groom had his bachelor party on the same day.  We were both invited to the appropriate... Continue Reading →

KMFDM – Symbols (1997)

Context - cleaning I really like the riff heavy EDM flavor of the music going on in the background.  I could listen to KMFDM instrumentals all day long. Unfortunately they have a mono-tone singer (not unlike VNV Nation, I'm sensing... Continue Reading →

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory (2017)

Context - emails Everyday Vince Staples releases new music is a good day.  I've been hypin' on this guy since I first heard "Norf Norf", my mind being blown by what I later read described as "whale noise" production, along... Continue Reading →

The King and I Soundtrack (2017)

Context - the live show Ok so it wasn't really a soundtrack, I just went to see The King and I with my wife because that's how we do. Compared to other musicals I've seen, this is most "musicaly" musical I've... Continue Reading →

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy (2011)

Context - day dreaming Guys, I love St. Vincent.  I love her style.  I love her music.  I love her signature guitar.  I love the way she laughs.  I spent a good six months relatively obsessed with her, because she's... Continue Reading →

Hey Violet – From the Outside (2017)

Context - waiting around I don't like it when scene kids make dance music.  Not into it. I like a few Metro Station songs from their first album (do they still make music?), I like that new Paramore album (which... Continue Reading →

Portugal. The Man – Woodstock (2017)

Context - emailing I like this more than the last Portugal. The Man album I listened to, but not enough to really get excited about it.  They did have me dancing a few times, though, so shout out to some... Continue Reading →

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