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Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music – Split (2002)

Context - still playing Hearthstone And with this split EP I'm all caught up. This was a lot of fun, hearing Trio cover Hot Water Music and vice-versa.  I'm into it.  The covers weren't noteworthy in that they offer something... Continue Reading →

Hot Water Music – A Flight and a Crash (2001)

Context - still playing Hearthstone Consider this Catch-up 2.  Hot Water Music is still rad.

Hot Water Music – Caution (2002)

Context - Playing Hearthstone A family emergency meant I didn't get anything done all weekend.  As such I'm two albums behind. Consider this Catch-Up 1, while I get caught up on a band that I should have learned more about... Continue Reading →

Hot Water Music – Exister (2012)

Context - Checking on Riot Fest Conflicting Sets More Bad Religion without being as upfront or hard as Bad Religion, so I will be staying true to my pop-punk self and see Real Friends at this time instead.

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