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Conor Oberst – Salutations (2017)

Context - driving to an all day birthday party And what a party it was.  And will be when we loop back in for part 4?  It's been a day. I'm already tuckered out. I think I've made this rant... Continue Reading →

Nicki Minaj – The Pinkprint (2014)

Context - driving to Peoria This album goes too long so my review will over-compensate with brevity. Half of this album is super rad. The other half is a waste of time. Which half is which will likely change with... Continue Reading →

TV On The Radio – Seeds (2014)

Context - Working?  Probably I'm typing today's review on my fancy new keyboard because--you guessed it!--I squandered my morning and had a busier afternoon than usual.  I'm not complaining though, because the Corsair Vengeance K65  offers one of the most... Continue Reading →

2016 – A Year in Books

Happy first day of 2017, dear readers!  For the past 2 years I've had a goal to read 2 books per month (although this year I was hoping to get to 3/month, but alas, I fell short).  While I didn't... Continue Reading →


This is no sonnet, but rather a bad haiku did it for the tags.

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