Context:  Christmas celebration

I mean if you’re going to do Christmas music might as well do it 2016 style.  A few classics, a few I hadn’t heard before, and a killer cover of Lenord Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which I’m not sure counts as a Christmas song but they kill it so who the fuck cares.

This Christmas I learned a lot–a lot about my goals, about when I actually get ambitious about things (like this blog), about what I want out of a Holiday season, about what I want out of a Leonard Cohen cover.  It’s been a good year for inward investigation.

But all that being said, I did not budget my time well this week with regards to this project, nor did I understand what it means to be a daily blogger when the holidays come around the corner, as they come.

I’m sorry for the content this last week, and if you’re going through my back catalog and see what I’ve “accomplished” this week it’s a pretty poor excuse for content.  But I put it out there regardless, and at this point it’s more about quantity than quality.  Quality is just a rigging of the law of averages, and I’m still finding my voice.