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Ranking blink-182 Albums

I'm still not sure what I want to do with this blog in 2019.  While I miss the experience of blogging and enjoy the excuse to listen to a plethora of new albums, managing this thing is a lot of... Continue Reading →

I Only Listen to “I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats”

You know, sometimes I feel bad for responding so late to cultural phenomenon.  But then I remember that in order to go "viral" it has to have something like 5 million views in a week, which still means most people... Continue Reading →

Ranking Taylor Swift’s Albums

Should I get back on the horse?  I'm undecided, but I do miss having this thing current and active.  I'm currently going back to school and am unsure about how much time I'd have to devote to this (certainly not... Continue Reading →

Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods (2018)

Context - walking my dog   Full disclosure:  I loved FutureSex/LoveSounds and 20/20 Experience, and unapologetically love his acting career beginning with and capping at "My Dick in a Box", so I had relatively high expectations going into this.  Not unlike his Super Bowl... Continue Reading →

Above & Beyond – Common Ground (2018)

Context - not watching The Grammys   Not that I have a good reason not to.  I don't have a cable box installed at the mo' but I'm sure it's online somewhere.  The fact of the matter is I plan... Continue Reading →

Porches – The House (2018)

Context - Playing Hearthstone   Let's talk for a minute about intentionality; namely, does it matter when it comes to an artist's work? There's something to be said about interpreting or reacting to a piece as it's own organic thing.  There... Continue Reading →

Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights (2017)

Context - Rocking Hearthstone like it's an outfit   The problem with running a one man music blog is sometimes you don't have time to get to everything.  Reading anything.  Listening to everything.  There are only so many hours in the... Continue Reading →

cupcakKe – Ephorize (2018)

Context - updating the house budget Happy 2018, y'all! Here's to the first new album I've heard released in those digits. It was ok. In the brief research I did on this album I learned that cupcakKe is a Chicago... Continue Reading →

Piebald – We Are The Only Friends We Have (2002)

Context - shaking off 2017 Another year, another attempt at chipping away the chaff in favor of finding the good stuff underneath.  In the words of the hippy memes by which I structure my life: "we are not becoming new... Continue Reading →

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