Context – still stressin’ ’bout my blessin’s

The work week continues to be a work week.  No new developments there.

In today’s news, a Metallica album sounds a lot like Metallica.  As someone who never really got into the band and have little-to-no skin in the game, I can say this album sounds about as good as any of their other albums.  Compare this to Master of Puppets and all Master has is the title track, the rest is pretty much Metallica.  Unpopular opinion, I know.

This album doesn’t have the gimmicks attempted on St. Anger, which upset a lot of people when I was in high school (but again, being relatively out of the Metallica loop I thought the album was fine.  Not great, but not terrible.  Looking back it wasn’t really Metallica, though, so I suppose 58% of the criticism about that album was to be expected).

If I have one complaint about Hardwired, it’s that the album goes on for entirely too long.  Maybe because I’ve been into a lot of emo this week and all the albums have been on the short side, but an hour and twenty minutes is too damn long.  The songs get less aggressive as the album goes on, too, which makes it all the harder to keep invested.

If you like Metallica and can let go of your nostolgia-tainted image of what Metallica should be, this is probably a solid album for you.  If you’re a hater you’re gonna hate, nothing I can do about that.  If, like me, you aren’t into Metallica but always kind of thought you should be, I’d maybe start with a different album, but then come to this one as a second or third album and let me know how they compare.  Willing to bet it’s about what I said here.

The title track is rad, though.  We should all head-bang along to that for a while.

It’s not NAILS though, so now I’ma go listen to NAILS some more.  Motherfucking NAILS is still the best thing to happen to this blog.

J.R. out.