Context – grocery shopping

And keyboard shopping.  I am now the proud owner of a Corsair Vengeance K65 keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches, a brushed aluminium finish, dedicated media keys, and none of that silly RGB nonsense that’s taking the world by storm.  The typing experience is smooth, even if I have to adjust from my previous keyboard, a Razer Blackwidow.  The K65 also boasts a 10-keyless design for a compact, minimalist experience; the standard sized keys keep your fingers from getting tripped over themselves while you’re typing the more involved sentences.  Pick yours up from your nearest Micro Center today!

While I was nerding out over keyboards, I decided to see how Alabama Shakes were doing with their latest release, Sound & Color.   If you like blues, stripped down rock ‘n’ roll, or powerfully throaty soul singing, this album will be right up your ally.  This album tastes like salty mustard pretzels and club soda on a sweaty summer night.  The riffs are rad, the lyrics aren’t bad, the singing is incredible, buy this album now, probably not at your nearest Micro Center.

It’s Sunday, I got a lot going on today folks.