Context – Riding my bike home

It feels good to have the wind rushing through my hair once again.  All them endorphin rushes and shit.

To add to the rush I decided to take Emo Spring in an unknown direction with the new album by Falling in Reverse, Coming Home.  Where they went is beyond me, but if this is them home I’d rather meet them putting on a front while abroad.

It’s not that they didn’t get me going in a couple of moments in that way only screamo can get me.  But those were almost always followed up by disappointment.  The number of times I felt like they straight lifted sections of songs–I swear there’s a Silversun Pickups bass line, a Thrice riff, and a Sum-41 interlude packed into this album.

The cherry on top was the last track of the deluxe edition, “Paparazzi”, where they spend the first verse bemoaning the state of pop radio, about how the only 3 songs on the radio all use the same four chords.  It’s time to be original!  Which is immediately followed by a chorus about how they shamelessly want to be famous.  All while playing some generic pop-fused screamo ala I See Stars but with even less self-awareness, it would seem; if they were trying to be ironic, I don’t think it worked.

So like, 3/10 not a fan.