Context – waiting

Today was a chair spinning day.  I hate days like today.  My brain feels all soupy and useless.  I should budget my time better and just do these blogs earlier in the day and then if I have down time write something else.  Everyone knows I have nothing but ideas waiting in the wings for their time to sit in the forefront of my attention.

Alas, today is not that day.

Act III is probably the tightest the band has sounded yet, although the album still drags a bit as it reaches it’s hour long playtime.  Despite the vision and production being tighter, I kind of hoped they’d show a little more growth by this point.  These albums are beginning to sound very same-y, as if getting the title “progressive” is enough to stop pushing boundaries, whether they be theirs or their audience’s.

If I had to listen to only one album by them it would probably be this one, but after three albums I’d hope they’d try something a little different.  You can only reinvent the wheel so many times.

And as such I only have so much to say about it.