Context – Saying goodbye to my assistant

This album is quite the departure from the Paramore of old.  If you liked “Ain’t it Fun” this album is very much picking up where that left off, although after a quick skim of that album I realized that it still had plenty of rock and pop-punk elements, even if the single was more pop than punk.

The hipster in me is hella resistant to this change, partially because I was anticipating a continuation of Emo Spring but instead got a solid but unexpected pop album.  I have to remind myself that I was on board as fuck for Taylor Swift’s departure from country with 1989 and judge the album on its own merits, rather than whatever expectations I had going into the experience.

And as I said, it’s a solid pop album.  A lot of chime-y xylophone-esque sounds coming through.  The ballads in particular work very well.  I think I like it, but I’m withholding final judgment until I get another couple listens.  I should also wait for the muscles I strained in my back to heal a bit so I’m not too grouchy going into the experience.

I don’t know.  More on this as it develops, I guess.