Context – work

Everything is busy–my social life is blowing up like N’Sync, I’m going to more concerts and plays, and suddenly all of my friends came out of hibernation at the same time.  Oh, and during all of that is one of the busiest stretches of my professional career.  I mostly want to fall over, so I apologize for the lack-luster content lately.

But part of this blog is an experiment in overcoming humps and seeing a thing through, so I’m not giving up on us.  Not yet.  Not ever, hopefully. This is one of those humps as I transition into summer.  I haven’t found a hook or a thing to help ground my online searches for new music.

It’s a good thing Riot Fest is coming up in September.  There’s a huge number of bands performing that I’ve always meant to get into or at least give a chance, but for reasons unknown to me at this time I’ve never taken a seat to give it the ol’ college try.

Peaches is a tour d’ force of sexuality and aggression, and she’s not bad at the music either.  A feminist icon in her own right, there isn’t much new to say about her that hasn’t been said already.  Plus, you probably know that one song from Mean Girls.  Or that other song just from being on the internet any time since the birth of the internet.

Neither of those songs are on this album, but it’s full of equally awesome songs that you’re probably embarrassed to listen to in front of your mother.  Unless your mother is the one who introduced you to Peaches, in which case you probably have a pretty cool if not socially awkward mom, way to go, keep being you.

The point is Peaches is rad and I’m going to see her and you should be jealous.  If you aren’t jealous yet you need to listen to moar Peaches.

So not exactly my best return to form but I’m pretty sure I crossed the Google-optimum-content-word-count watermark, which means this should more or less fit on a single page in Word.  That’s enough for y’all, right?