Context – slack-a-yackin

You’d think that with the additional free time that summer affords due to the slow down at work and longer days that I would be able to crank these out more efficiently, providing more depth and perspective with each subsequent post.  More time to myself should translate into more time for the blog, right?

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Because I’m terrible at managing my time, especially during down time, you get half-assed reports about pop artists I haven’t heard of before and consequently have no idea how to pronounce.

If you dig current trends in pop music,  VÉRITÉ should be right up your alley.  Her vocals are fine, her instrumentals are decent, there’s nothing really to complain about here.  Of course that also means there isn’t anything that really stands out or grabs my attention.

All in all I’m going to give this somewhere between a 5 and a 6, I’ll let you choose the decimal based on your opinion.