Context – unloading paper

July shall henceforth be known as the Hell Month.  I am way too busy for my own good.

So how do I spend what little free time I have left?  Re-reading Harry Potter and re-watching LOST on my lunch breaks, of course.

Today I did a naughty thing and took an hour and a half for lunch so I could watch both parts of “Live Together, Die Alone”, the Season 2 finale.  Season 3 isn’t my favorite, but I’m going to slog it out so I can go on the emotional roller-coaster that are seasons 4-6, also known as my favorite stretch of television in the history of television.

It’s just so good.  The mystery, the mythology, the struggle to provide basic needs and comforts, the romance.  I don’t care what the haters say, perfect show is perfect.  Ok, well it’s not perfect, but if you fall into a certain camp it’s easy to forgive the shows flaws.  My favorite character is John Locke, although shout-outs to Ben, Jin, Sawyer, Desmond, Rose, Juliet, and Hurley.  Actually shout out to anyone not named Jack or Kate.  Mostly Jack.

When I’m not re-watching LOST, I’m accepting suggestions for new music since all my ideas have run dry.  One of such suggestions was adventure-metal outfit Hungry Lights, as recommended by a friend.

I am not an adventure-metal kind of guy, despite my love of adventures and metal.  They just don’t mix that well, in my opinion.  If I want to hear musical ditties of magic and battle I’ll listen to Led Zeppelin or the soundtrack from The Lord of the Rings.

The metal isn’t heavy enough, the lyrics aren’t great in my opinion, and I get very bored very quickly.  I wish I could be less judgey about this genre, but instead I’m going to say “Pass” and go back to riding my bike.