Context – at the show

Alright team, time for the tough talk, mostly with myself.

This summer has overall not been going the way I had hoped.  I hoped to get some writing done.  I hoped to turn this blog around.  I hoped to ride my bike more than I am, although I’m mostly on track with my bike training.  It’s time to turn things around.

I’ve decided to give relative sobriety a try for a while.  Not that I have a problem with my hobbies the way that most people who have problems with their hobbies seem to, but it’s hard to stay motivated when I spend an hour a night getting high and trolling Reddit, as much as I love both of those activities in the abstract.

It just always seems like a good idea until I indulge, and then it becomes a thing I feel guilty about for some reason.  I’d love to find that reason.  I’d love to get some time back in my evening and one less thing to worry about as I try to maximize my fun factor, which almost always results in less fun than it could be.

So today all you get is “I saw An American in Paris and it was great.”  Tomorrow you will probably get the same.  But come August I’m going to try to get things to a place I can be proud of.

More on this as it develops.