Context – Cleaning house

Well, finishing the cleaning job my wife and I started last night.  And by finishing I mean throwing everything in a drawer and calling that “Future Jason’s Problem”.

FIDLAR is a band I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at Riot Fest, and I decided to give them an actual go-around since they will also be on this year’s bill.  The fact that their name keeps climbing the ladder of importance that is the Riot Fest lineup announcement, I think it’s safe to say that these guys are becoming big enough deal in their scene.

My question is, as it almost usually is, what scene is that, exactly?  These guys have all the urgency of Titus Andronicus or The Thermals, so I want to call them this new breed of punk that’s come up over the last ten years or so.

But then they do a pretty good Brand New impression on some of their deeper tracks, and I’m left wondering where the line is anymore.  I like this new breed of urgency.  I like their tongue-in-cheek approach to songwriting.  I like Brand New impressions.  But I also feel like I get these vibes from other sources already.

FIDLAR is a very good band and I’m excited to see what they have to offer down the road.  Time allowing I will see them at Riot Fest this year and I will jump around like an idiot with the bounciest of them.  It will be a good time.

It’s a sign of my age that I can’t help but feel like these niches are already filled with music that is more emotionally resonant with me.  And it’s unfair to hold new artists to the standards of yesterday, because yesterday’s bands got here first and will therefore have that much more of a place in my heart.

I will try to make room for FIDLAR like I made room for Moose Blood and Modern Baseball.  I make no promises, but I don’t get the impression that they’d expect me to, either.