Context – not having the morning I wanted

I’m riding my bike to the Indiana Dunes (~65 miles) today to test all my gear for my upcoming Madison trip.  I was going to do some morning pages and some yoga and chill for a bit before leaving at 7:00.

It’s 7:02.  I’ve done neither of those things.

Instead I had a panic attack because I forgot to write a post yesterday.  Then I remembered that my buddy told me about this band straight out of a Starting Line video, Neck Deep.  So I thought “I’ll listen to them while I make and eat breakfast and get my blog done this morning.”

Then I check a messenging service I use and that same friend told me that BRAND NEW HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT.  It’s new.  It’s out.  It’s called Science Fiction.  I thought I was pre-ordering it, but really I was just buying it.  Like you do.

But now it’s 7:04 and my phone broke and my backup iPod won’t connect to my computer so I won’t get to listen to this until sometime tonight maybe and all I want to do is apprciate Brand New.

Oh, and to top it off, WordPress isn’t uploading images for some reason.  Because of course they aren’t.

So now I’m in a tizzy.  I have to go finish packing and start riding my emotions away.  More on Brand New as it develops.

Oh, and Neck Deep is some straight out of 2004 pop-punk/emo.  So like if you miss New Found Glory or Cartel but don’t want to listen to new music by those bands, give these guys a listen.  Can’t tell if I love it or not, but props to them for sticking the landing.