Context – errands

Man, I cannot get behind this guy.  Which is a shame, because he writes nothing but club bangers.  This shit is catchy, you can dance to it (probably), and it’s full of the kind of nonsense that keeps rap a young man’s game.

But’s it’s also supremely vapid and devoid of anything but tits and ass.  And I enjoy tits and ass, I even enjoy the occasional song about tits and ass, but when that’s all you bring to the table I’m just not interested.  And not only that, I don’t entirely believe you.

So it is what it is.  I would make a party playlist that was almost entirely Lil Uzi Vert, but I wouldn’t really listen to him in any other context.  Which is a shame, because on paper everything about this is fire.  Even if it is rather forgettable.

Maybe I’m just being a hater and letting my historical distaste of trap music get the better of my judgment.  Or maybe I am the spot-on-judge of musical taste.  Either way this is some C- music if ever there was any.  And that’s me giving him the benefit of the doubt for my brother’s sake.