Context – reading Harry Potter

Gotta grind it out now, I just got to the last book.  As such I expect this week will be full of jazz, like this space-age nonsense from Sun Ra and His Arkestra, Cosmos.

Due to my lack of awareness, I didn’t realize Sun Ra had died several years ago.  Like several several of them.  The last album I reviewed was a reissue, apparently.  Last time I let Spotify tell me which year an album was released, I thought this album came out last year.

And it’s a testimony to Sun Ra that I took this at face value.  It’s very much a jazz album, but there are enough variations and extrapolations on this thing that I thought it was a new album.

A quick dig through Wikipedia tells me I have all kinds of Sun Ra ahead of me to look forward to.  This pleases me.  More on him as I figure it out.