Context – working

I’m getting over a cold and consequently forgot to post a blog yesterday.  Work’s been nonsensically busy, and after work I ate dinner and promptly fell asleep.  My brother is getting married on Saturday, I have no time or patience for illness this week.

I will say this about the Foo Fighters though: they are remarkably consistent in their brand of rock and roll.  So if you think they are the last harbingers of a dying age of rock gods, than there’s plenty about this album that rocks.  If you think they are the definition of soulless corporate arena rock, then not much on this album will convince you other wise.

Personally I’m a fan, but mostly of their song “Everlong”.  Nothing on this album comes close to “Everlong”, but it’s not exactly disappointing in the context of the rest of their discography, either.

Dave Grohl seems like a rad dude though.  I’d love to hang with him for like 4 hours.  We could go bowling or something.