Context – at a concert, obvz

The lineup tonight was Toothgrinder, who I only saw one song of (but liked); Polyphia, who were reliably robotic (but not always in the worst way); The Contortionist, who are probably the most aptly named band of all time (weird set was weird); and Between the Buried and Me, who played their album Colors in its entirety.

There’s a thing that happens at some concerts where I come home and only want to play my guitar for like 5 years.  It happened when I first saw At the Drive-In, it happened when I saw FIDLAR (to an extent), and it happened tonight during Between the Buried and Me (although I also really liked what one of the members of The Contortionist was up to, as well).  Not that I have high hopes of being on BTBAM’s level, but it was an inspiring evening.

I’m feeling inspired, y’all.  But not inspired enough to write more than this tonight.  Probably tomorrow hopefully, though.