Context – driving home

I have two weddings to go to this weekend, so expect more of the short-post-promise from me.  Which is a bummer, because on Saturday I hit 300 posts.  I’ll try to do something a bit more substantial for that, but I make no promises, because again, two weddings this weekend.

So let me tell you about Becca Mancari, in case you don’t know already: she’s a singer-song writer with an Americana feel filtered through seemingly endless levels of reverb, from her vocals to the guitar to the slide that gets played on the title track.  Everything is dripping with the illusion of space, giving the music an airy quality that suits her song-writing well.

2017 seems to be the year of this kind of music, with really good albums being released by Becca Mancari, Valerie June, Margot Price, Jen Gloeckner, Amber Coffman, and a long list of other’s I’ve since forgotten.

Which reminds me, I should download some of these albums for my upcoming excursions through the suburbs as I make my way through endless exclamations of love and affection.

May your weekends find you having as much fun with less of a hectic disposition than I am about to have!