Context – writing something else

As if I wasn’t neglecting this blog enough, I have decided to start trying my hand at other writing projects as well.  As hokey and unsuccessful as I usually find NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to use it as a spark to kick-start my own writing.  I’ve mentioned I need to get back on that hobby horse to enough people that it’s high time I start lest I fall down before I can saddle-up.

While starting this ill-advised adventure, I decided to give Weezer another go.  Weezer is a band with which I have a long and relatively adversarial relationship with.  A friend of mine has an uncle who used to do something for a record label; he drove tour vans or something.  This uncle gave my friend all sorts of cassette tapes, which is how I learned of The Backstreet Boys and Weezer, who’s self-titled  “Blue” album had just come out.  This was one of my early introductions to alternative music, and in retrospect probably influenced my future affinity for emo and other indie off-shoots.

I love the Blue album, probably every track.  “Surf Wax America” is still my favorite of their songs, but shout out to “My Name is Jonas” and “Say it Ain’t So”.  Those other hits are way over played and have kind of lost their touch with me.

Point being every time Weezer finds itself in the spotlight, my fondness of this first album of theirs prompts me to investigate their current offerings.  Usually I’m left neutral: the music is fine but unexciting, and by the second chorus I’m bored but not viscerally angry.  I know they’ll get at least until the first chorus with subsequent listens.  Sometimes I like it more (Pinkerton), sometimes I like it less (Make Believe).  The world keeps spinning and Weezer keeps making music.

I’m not sure this is an album they needed to make, however.  It only barely sounds like what I assume Weezer sounds like, delving further into pop sensibilities that don’t really suit them.  They’ve always been a bit by the straight and narrow, but in a way that was still engaging.  This is just so, beige.  There are moments that I find not disagreeable, but being nothing more than a moment interspersed with plenty that I do find disagreeable, it’s hard for me to get anywhere near into this album.

I hear their self-titled “White” album is pretty rad though, so maybe I’ll check that out next.  I don’t know why I feel obligated to give them any chances at this point, I know damn well what Weezer is about and even moreso what I’m about, and rarely do the two see eye-to-eye.

But something was planted in my brain all those years ago, and I guess I just have to scratch this itch from time to time.  More on that as it develops.