Context – working

I just got done watching The Newsroom earlier in the week and that show is haunting me.  I’m not really a nostalgic person, but I am prone to fits of not being able to move on from a thing.  I did it with LOST, I did it with Harry Potter, I did it with There Will Be Blood for some reason, but it hasn’t happened in a while.  Which makes this particular bout of restlessness overwhelming to my emotional sensibilities.

I’m glad it ended, it ended well.  I loved every episode of the show.  But I still wish I got to spend more time with Charlie, Mackenzie, Jim, Will, and Sloan.  The rest were alright for their own reasons, but mostly Charlie Skinner.  He had me from “Don I’m a Marine and I’ll beat the shit out of you I don’t care how many protein bars you eat!”  Best line Sam Waterson ever has or ever will deliver.

My listening to this is really just me trying to wrap my brain around “That’s How I Got To Memphis”, which Will and Jim play during the series finale.  Gary’s there too, albeit in the background.  He was a fun guy, too.

I will say this, though: these old country guys know what’s up.  I like this honkey-tonk singer-sonwriter story-tellin’ ramblin’-man approach to the genre, it feels like there’s dirt under their nails and a face blown raw from dust in the wind.  Or something overtly romantic like that.