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Top 25 of 2017 / Where I’ve Been

  How I came to this list was I looked back on every album that came out in 2017 and I remembered reviewing positively, which left me with about 50 albums.  From there I did some rough ordering until I... Continue Reading →

Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music – Split (2002)

Context - still playing Hearthstone And with this split EP I'm all caught up. This was a lot of fun, hearing Trio cover Hot Water Music and vice-versa.  I'm into it.  The covers weren't noteworthy in that they offer something... Continue Reading →

Hot Water Music – A Flight and a Crash (2001)

Context - still playing Hearthstone Consider this Catch-up 2.  Hot Water Music is still rad.

Hot Water Music – Caution (2002)

Context - Playing Hearthstone A family emergency meant I didn't get anything done all weekend.  As such I'm two albums behind. Consider this Catch-Up 1, while I get caught up on a band that I should have learned more about... Continue Reading →

Ella Vos – Words I Never Said (2017)

Context - working The first time I heard ethereal indie-pop fronted by a female singer I was like "Damn, this is the shiz right here, why would anyone listen to anything else?" Then I heard like ten more of these... Continue Reading →

Tom T. Hall – Tom T. Hall’s Greatest Hits (1972)

Context - working I just got done watching The Newsroom earlier in the week and that show is haunting me.  I'm not really a nostalgic person, but I am prone to fits of not being able to move on from a... Continue Reading →

Wiz Khalifa – Laugh Now, Fly Later (2017)

Context - working In a twist ending that surprised nobody, Wiz Khalifa wrote an album entirely about how much weed he smokes. In other news, it's my 3 year anniversary with my wife.  We had tacos and they were delicious. ... Continue Reading →

Walk the Moon – What if Nothing (2017)

Context - gaming yesterday Ugh how have I done over 300 of these and I still forget to post them sometimes. I don't remember this album at all, but it was on in the background while some other stuff was... Continue Reading →

Quicksand – Interiors (2017)

Context - hustlin' I want to review this album.  I'm overdue for a blogpost.  But this album is just super... pick a synonym for boring without being pejorative.  It's not bad, it's just unsensational in all the ways it can... Continue Reading →

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