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NAILS – Unsilent Death (2010)

Context - kicking ass and taking names I think there's a direct line between how much NAILS I listen to and how much I win at life. ¬†These guys are so fucking hard everything else has to get out of... Continue Reading →

NAILS – Abandon All Life (2013)

Context - Driving Home MOTHERFUCKING NAILS, did it again (but like four years ago now). NAILS is one of my favorite things this blog has introduced me too, being the definition of all things powerful and violent, without relying on... Continue Reading →

NAILS – You’ll Never Be One Of Us (2016)

Context - Work once again This time I have ear buds, so let's crank the powerviolence! ¬†Apparently that's a thing, and a thing I can get behind none-the-less. ¬†Nonetheless? Spellcheck confirms both are acceptable. If you want a wave of... Continue Reading →

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