Context – Work once again

This time I have ear buds, so let’s crank the powerviolence!  Apparently that’s a thing, and a thing I can get behind none-the-less.  Nonetheless? Spellcheck confirms both are acceptable.

If you want a wave of brutality to push against everything you believe and hold dear to reaffirm your commitment to life then look no further than NAILS.

If you want unadulterated anger and aggression to pour through your pores and into the very fabric of your being then look no further than NAILS.

If you want a quiet dinner-party to get exponentially weirder, crank some motherfucking NAILS into your brain-space (and everyone else’s, while you’re at it).

I don’t always like metal, but when I do it sure sounds a lot like NAILS.  The 22 minutes it takes to digest the album are perfect, for as soon as you begin to question your ability to tolerate the magnitude of the sonic assault presented before you, the album nonchalantly ends.  What a time to be alive.

NAILS.  Fucking do it.