Context – Driving Home

MOTHERFUCKING NAILS, did it again (but like four years ago now).

NAILS is one of my favorite things this blog has introduced me too, being the definition of all things powerful and violent, without relying on problematic images of power or violence.  Which is odd, considering the band affectionately refers to themselves as a power-violence act.

They’re hard.  They’re fast.  They grab you by the face and let the sea of buzz-saw aggression take hold of your soul in a way very few bands do.  MOTHERFUCKING NAILS.  Can’t say the band’s name without the disclaimer and a slam dance.

This album is a bit more in your face than You Will Never Be One of Us, if such a thing is possible.  The vocal delivery is a bit higher, a more shrill shriek than the throaty snarl of gravel and ash from You Will Never Be One of UsAbandon All Hope has a specific and focused kind of aggression that I don’t fully understand but then again this is my first encounter with the album.

All in all this is second of two in the rankings–but if nothing else NAILS has established themselves as a consistent act, and I’m officially looking forward to whatever they come out with next.