Context – Getting ready for work

Well, I’m at work.  But in the “getting my shit together” phase.  Or at least I was when listening to it.  Or at least trying to listen to it.  I got about an hour into the hour and a half record.

Which isn’t to say this is a bad album or that I didn’t like the album, I just underestimated Godspeed’s capacity for noise.  I knew they were experimental and largely instrumental, so it seemed like great work listening.  The orchestration is a bit more complex and nuanced than a lot of the post-rock and prog outfits I’ve been lingering on here at the end of 2016, but the songs get really repetitive and noisey, making great use of feedback and the like.

Again, which aren’t necessarily bad things.  I just got a bit self-conscious playing these through my computer speakers at work.  I will most likely come back to Godspeed, but in the privacy of my own home.  At least while vetting them.

I did finish another album today, HAIM’s Days are Gone.  Which is a remarkable album, but one I listen to roughly once a month.  So no review on that, unless I do a block of favorites or something.

I kind of hoped these would go longer at some point, but they seem to go shorter.  Maybe in the new year I’ll just ramble more abstractly to pad my word count.  More on that as it develops.