Context – train to the suburbs

I’m writing this on my phone while riding the train to visit my brother. I meant to write this at work, but it was a surprisingly social day at the office. I downloaded this album because “Riptide” is one of my favorite songs to come out in the last 2 or so years and the album was only $7. I don’t have the most data so I had to make sure the album could travel.

Fun fact: I totally saw this guy open for Taylor Swift, and it was awesome. Dude has a great voice. Taylor was better, but then again she’s better than most people.

This album is everything I loved about that firsr Mumford and Sons record, and really all of this pop-folk that sprung up in their wake. Despite it’s over-played status I’m a sucker for stringed instruments, so keep the faux-folk coming, I say. There have been worse moments in pop and alternative music.

“Riptide” is still reliably awesome, as are most of the singles. The deeper cuts are logical extensions of the hits, which is nice. It’s not like he’s pulling a Crazy Town or Filter, where the single is the album’s ballad and everyone buys in on false pretenses. Thanks for keeping it real, Vance.

My thumbs are not cut out for this. Excuse the typos and grammar should there be any issues, I’m doing my best under duress. Artificial deadlines are rough.