Context – train ride home

This traveler is weary.  It’s been a long day so far, mostly because it was a long night.  It’s Modern season for us Magic of the Gathering nerds (or it is for these nerds over here, at least), so I went to my brother’s house to get some testing done.  Hence all the train rides these past few days.

Needing something to occupy this second train ride, I turned once more to my trusty Pandora app.  Today I learned that I can download albums onto my local app and take my music on the road with me, which my wife tells me is the entire point of Spotify.  The more you know.

If you’ve been listening to the radio at all for the past two years, you probably know Elle King’s awesome but overplayed “Exes and Ohs”.  I love that song and rarely turn it down or off when it comes on, but every time I have to ask myself if this is the one time to many.  To Elle King’s credit, it somehow never is.

But I did not give myself enough time to write this, so I may come back to this later.  Or save my Elle King feelings for whatever she releases next.  But this has a lot of promise.