Context – scrambling

For a minute there I completely forgot I had a blog.  We live in scary times here, people.  Good thing I remembered I was supposed to check out Portugal. The Man like, a decade ago, and also have a relatively slow day in my day-to-day.

I’m not sure why, but in my head I had built these guys up to almost mythical levels, thinking they were going to take what The Sound of Animals Fighting started and bring it into a marginally more mainstream medium.  I wasn’t entirely wrong about the general shape of their sound, but I am a little disappointed in the execution of the project.

This sounds just like everything else that plays on alternative radio these days.  Which may have been a pioneering endeavor at the band’s conception, but in 2017 I’m pretty over these sounds.  I can’t even describe it more intricately than that, so bored was I that I don’t even remember specifics.

This may seem harsh.  This may be their worst album.  I may be over-dramatizing the scenario in a shameless attempt to make myself seem better at this than I am.  The moral of the story is never meet your heroes, because they will almost certainly disappoint you.