Context – you know, more of the same

Little Big Town wrote the most country album of 2017.  This means there were some songs that I enjoyed.  Particularly the opening track, “Happy People”.  I heard this and thought to myself “you know, Jason, we might find some more country you like yet.  Got a regular ‘that one song by The Band Perry’ feel to you.”

But the album, for better or worse, depending on your opinion of pop/rock-country, goes into more pop-country territory than I am personally a fan of.  They get a little rock-country at times, but I’ve never been much a fan of that anyway.  The good news is this provides plenty of variety without ever really deviating from message–they do rock as well as pop, all with a little banjo in the background for twang.  I do enjoy some singer-songwriter stuff, and country can be good for that sometimes.  But this wasn’t really one of those times.

If you’re into pop-country this is probably a good album for you.  If you’re not into pop-country then you probably know you don’t like this.  If, like me, this is the first time you’ve ever really heard (of) Little Big Town then you get to find out if you’re into pop-country or not.

You learn something new every day.  Today I’ve learned that there’s at least one song per pop-country album I can get into.  One day I’ll compile a “Best of” compilation and really confuse people on road trips.