Context – wishing I was playing my guitar

There just aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when there are social events planned for the evening.  I’m excited to have dinner with our friends–we don’t see them enough–but I was kind of hoping to put this blog off just a little big longer.  It’s becoming a bit of a chore.

But then again, that’s kind of the point.  The force myself to write through the ruts, to keep on trying, keep on exploring.  I’m sure the chore status is exasperated by how busy work has been.  I apparently don’t react well when I don’t have time at work to fuck off and write about shitty music I found on the internet.  Or exciting music.  Any music.

I started by trying out The Pretty Reckless’s most recent album, Who You Selling For.  I made it about one song, which was way more nu-metal or “traditional” alternative than what I wound up listening to.  That’s the one good thing about a time constraint: I don’t always have an hour left in my day to indulge overly-ambitious albums.  I was strangely committed to covering The Pretty Reckless for reasons unknown to me still, so I did a little digging and found this 35 minute project and decided to give it a listen.

It’s ok at best.  It feels like the kind of rock-n-roll they play in romantic comedies when they want one of the love interests to have a tough side.  Just some dirty psuedo-blues over some generic sounding chord progressions.  I preferred this album to the two songs I heard on Who You Selling For, but if I never listen to The Pretty Reckless again I won’t be sad.  I probably won’t even register that I’ve accomplished this task, so I’ll give myself the self-five I deserve now so I don’t forget.