Context – Making tacos

Rockabilly will always sound tough to me.  Or Psychobilly.  I don’t know where the lines in this genre/sub-genre are.  Why this sounds so tough to me is beyond my scope of introspection.  It sounds like The Outsiders reads, all fast cars and Paul Newman.  But it lacks the aggression I typically associated with harder, edgier music.  Not that The Reverend Horton Heat is going for that, like I said, they’re just tough as nails.

I saw them live at Riot Fest one year and they were awesome.  I had spent years playing “Psychobilly Freakout” on one of the Guitar Hero games and had a free spot in my schedule.  I had seen Tiger Army once, so I figured this wouldn’t be that bad.  All I remember was them going through each album one by one, playing a song off each one.  I thought this was an awesome way to burn through a festival set.  That, and I remember them being far better musicians than I would have thought.  An underestimation on my part I am not quick to repeat.

Smoke ’em if You Got ’em is a great introduction to the various Billy genres.  I’m sure subscribers to the cause will be mad at me for calling them Billy genres.  I should really learn how they refer to themselves for future endeavors.  But check this out if you need more upright bass in your life.