Context – Writing the previous blog

Because I forgot to blog yesterday you get an extra blog today.

So while I was writing I was listening to Mansionz debut, self-titled album.  Apparently this is a collaborative project between Mike Posner and Blackbear.  I don’t know who Blackbear is, but I was all about that “Cooler than Me” song from like, 5 years ago or something.  I found that endlessly entertaining.

I’m going to say some shit that’s purely conjecture because I know nothing of either of their careers, but I’m going to compare this to Run the Jewels or Gnarles Barkley in that we have a collaborative project between two artists who haven’t found a lot of mainstream success but are well regarded behind the scenes.  And not unlike Voltron, these acts are all instances where the sum is greater than the parts.

I don’t know anything about Blackbear, but I know I haven’t heard a Mike Posner song since “Cooler than Me” and this album is currently being advertised and highlighted in Spotify.  And the tunes aren’t bad, either.

I’m going to have to listen to this again to see how I feel about the rapping–the delivery seems fine enough.  But the productions are fresh–not necessarily in a “I haven’t heard these sounds before what is happening to my ears” but more in a “no one else on my radar is making these noises” kind of way.

All the same Mansionz has my attention.