Context – winding down

Busy week is busy.  Had budgets, schedules, and first week of the quarter nonsense to grapple with all at the same time.  Glad that marathon is over.

I was hoping that the new Kendrick Lamar album would have dropped today, but instead I got new releases from Father John Misty and New Pornographers to burn through.  Not a bad trade-off.

But before I get to either of those, I decided to keep up with the noises I don’t fully understand with Clark’s new album, Death Peak.  Clark is a electro-something or another musician not unlike TOKiMONSTA or Four Tet who came onto my radar back in my undergrad days.  His 2006 album, Body Riddle, is phenom-to-the-enal, full of sounds I hadn’t really considered for use in music.  This was pre the mainstream adaptation of EDM and Dub-step music, so I loosely categorized him with the Industrial bands I was listening to at the time.  I’m not saying I was right, just what helped me contextualize it.

This album is roughly what I would expect from Clark–nothing ground breaking, nothing shifting too dramatically from Body Riddle.  Just some vaguely dancey, but a bit out there to fully groove to.

My brain is too tried to try to describe what’s going on in this album.  I need a nap.

But who else is excited for this Father John Misty?  Any takers?