Context – Grocery Shopping

I’m starting to feel like I need to tighten up my free time–I’m feeling pretty stretched thin both in terms of finances and time: I’m really into my guitar and want to finish my pedal board, the Nintendo Switch still eludes me, Record Store Day is coming up real soon, and Magic: The Gathering is so hawt right now.  All of that and I have two books to read for two separate book clubs.  I may have over-extended myself and my resources.

I should re-read my goals more often to stay grounded.  Or re-write them from scratch and compare where I was to where I am and adjust the course accordingly.  I just don’t know how to merge all of my interests into a way that makes sense for me.

Kind of like how I don’t know how Father John Misty merges his nostalgia-inducing voice, his neo-folk melodies, and his modernly abrasive lyrics while still producing something that feels cohesive and entirely unique (as best I can tell).  This dude continues to impress me and grow in my favor, and this album is no exception.

Because I was grocery shopping I have no idea which song is what, and therefore I have no idea how to evaluate individual tracks.  There’s one that rhymes Taylor Swift with Occulus Rift, and while that sort intrinsically dating approach to writing usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I somehow forgive Father John Misty; his aesthetic and approach to song-writing lends itself to a myriad of contradictions that leave better impressions than analysis.

I think I still prefer I Love You, Honeybear, however I fully accept that this may be due to my familiarity with the album already.  I’ll have to give this another few listens and then do a side-by-side to compare and contrast my opinions of both.  I should also probably listen to his debut album, as well.

If you’re into folk or singer-songwriters or indie-pop or whatever other loosely related genres and buzzwords, you should definitely check this out.  I can’t promise that you’ll necessarily be into it, but I promise you won’t be disappointed.