Context – freaking the fuck out

Just as I thought Emo Spring was starting to wind down as I begin to look for other musical stylings, Riotfest pulls through with their 2017 lineup.  And if you’re too lazy to check the link, the big news is MOTHERFUCKING JAWBREAKER IS REUNITING.  Fuckin’ A Riotfest pulling through with the reunion acts as always.  I don’t know what I expected from the festival that got the Replacements and the Misfits to reunite, but I didn’t even know Jawbreaker was an option.

In the wake of this announcement, I’ll probably be looking into a lot of these bands over the coming months.  I usually forget to do this, but now I have a blog through which to funnel these intentions and manifest my own destiny.

Now, I must admit that I am new to the Jawbreaker game.  A few years ago I heard a cover of “Boxcar” and lost my marbles at the opening line, which is the best opening line of any song ever.  I want “you’re not punk and I’m telling everyone” tattooed on my neck just so people know where they stand with me.  It’s good to clear up any vagueness in your relationships, you know?

So I bought a copy of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy and listen to it on the quasi-regular. As regularly as I remember that this album exists, anyway.  And that whole album is a great example of early 90’s emo, when the punk roots were a bit more front and center.  After all, the next line of “Boxcar” is “save your breath I never was one”, so it’s hard to call them punk like I want to.  Respect the artist’s wishes and all that.

So in the excitement of getting to see this band I never thought I’d get to see play songs I didn’t know I loved yet, I decided to give their first album, Unfun, a spin.  And Unfun is everything except what the title suggests.

These songs are raw, ferocious, exciting, and about a hundred other words that have similar connotations and meanings.  If we include synonyms I’m sure we could get into the thousands.  If we include other languages, who knows?  Not this mono-lingual scrub. This album is a bit more straight forward in it’s punk rawkness than 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, but rising tide of emo can be felt even this early on.  There’s a sense of melody that gets expanded with pop-punk and emo that just isn’t always on display in punk.

Unfun is really good, as I’m sure the rest of their discography will be.  Jawbreaker rules.