Context – you know what it do

Meme lyfe today, brohemes.  Meme lyfe everyday, but especially today.  Cause you know what today is?  If you don’t know what today is go outside and make some friends.  They’ll probably tell you.  And if they don’t you need to find some new friends because that’s like, common knowledge and you don’t need a group of people dangling low hanging fruit in front of you like for your life–our time alive is too short for that kind of negativity, man.

Despite today being a great day to learn a bit more about stoner metal, I did not listen to this with the appropriate context.  Maybe later, maybe not.  I don’t have to explain or justify how I spend my time to you.  Can’t let the government know what I’m up to, na’mean?

This music, despite it’s sludgy heaviness–like a sweaty summer day but without the lemonade–this is some chill ass music.  The over-saturated fuzz sounds help level things out and keep things in context, without these tonal adjustments I feel like these riffs would just be some basic ass blues rock.  But when you obliterate your speakers with a wall of fuzz you get something that’s got that little something else.

The cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” really sums up this album–something old (blues), something new (fuzz), something borrowed (a cover song), something blue (probably your after-jam Slurpee, to be real).  It really ties the album together.  The fact that “Godzilla” is by definition an out there and balls-to-the-walls level absurd kind of song only helps ground the aesthetic.

God bless the desert for bringing us Kyuss, a band I know nothing about outside of what Wikipedia told me when looking for some stoner rock to get into.  Apparently from Kyuss comes Fu Manchu, and since today is all about that giggle-core, I decided to go with the band named after a mustache.  You know.  Cause it’s fucking ridiculous.

Float on through, brothers (and sisters and everyone who prefers other or no labels).  Be safe out there, don’t do anything Fu Manchu wouldn’t do.