Context – cleaning the kitchen

Sunday is chores day, which is a bummer way to wind down the weekend.  I need to remember to do more on Saturday so I can spend my Sundays playing Stardew Valley, a Linux-friendly farm-simulator.  I’m addicted to this shit.

Gorillaz come back from a seven year hiatus with a thoroughly Gorillaz album with Humanz.  They teased this project with four tracks a few months ago, but I only ever listened to “Ascension”, in part because I love Vince Staples, and in part because I didn’t want to know too much going into this.

I’m glad I did, because I’m pretty sure those four songs were the best the album had to offer.  Not that the rest of the album is bad, it’s just lacking the same level of inspiration and wonder that “Ascension”, “Saturnz Barz, “Andrommeda”, and “Let Me Out” have.  Also want to shout out “Submission” and “Strobelite” though, those tracks are awesome.

But then there’s a drop off as he veers away from the high-energy electronica beats and gets into something a bit smoother.  And those smoother, arguably more ambitious songs just don’t click with me.  I’m here to dance and bop and make a fool of myself, and that’s only possible with some of Gorillaz songs.

When they hit they hit–I still listen to half of Demon Days from time to time.  But I felt Demon Days had the same issue of real high highs and then a bunch of unremarkable tracks to fill out the album.  I will continue to bloat my own party playlists with the songs of theirs that work, especially “Ascension”.  But I don’t see the need to put on the entire album just for these 4-7 songs.