Context – definitely not trying to watch baseball at work

It’s definitely not tied at 0-0 in the top of the 4th.  Definitely not.

I’m trying a thing where I listen through my computer’s speakers at work instead of my headphones.  Trying to make myself more accessible or something.  Working on the environment I’m cultivating in my office.  We’ll see how it goes.

As such, my inclination for more abrasive or energetic genres is being checked by my desire for this new trend to largely float under the radar.  Everyone likes some smooth jazz, right?


Which is not to say that Lage Lund isn’t talented.  I must have watched this video a dozen or so times by now.  I could watch him perform all day long, his technical prowess is superb.  Superb I tell you.

But for all the talent the man can’t write a captivating song.  It may be complex.  It may be musically interesting.  I’m sure proper jazz cats could tell me all about whether or not Lage Lund is actually a genius.  And not a single iota of that matters in the slightest to me.  Listening to this album almost put me to sleep.

I would love to go to sleep.  I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley lately, which means I’m sacrificing my evenings in 15 minute intervals to complete the next set of tasks required to upgrade my farm from simple pile of fallen trees and cumbersome rocks to a beautiful zen garden full of enchanting colors and dazzling scents.  I will most likely be repeating this process today as I’m about to enter the winter season of the game and I need to make sure I’ve stored enough provisions to keep my cows and chickens happy through the cold months ahead.

The thing is, I’m at work now and the Cubs just let the Rockies put a man on all three bases, so now is not the time for sleep.  Now is the time for constant vigilance and for my team to boot and rally.

Go see Lage Lund and experience a master engage in their craft.  But if you’re not into jazz then there’s really no reason to listen to this album for it’s own reasons.