Context – working on my wedding speeches

I had a completely different album already listened to, and I was thoroughly upset at the results.  It was a band a friend had liked or shared a thing on Facebook, and I figured “Why not?”

But bad band is bad, no matter how much I want to like them.  I tried really hard to like them.  I tried to give them all the benefits of all the doubts, but I couldn’t get into them.  There’s no need to drag them through the mud if they aren’t the focus though, so just assume it was your least favorite band.

After that album had ended, Spotify did that thing where it plays “similar” music, which in this case was a lot of pop-punk and emo.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about that.  I don’t know if I would have played these bands following my first attempt, but I’m not mad at the playlist either.

And then a song came on that grabbed my attention in a way I hadn’t known since that first round of Emo Spring with Remo Drive and Modern Baseball.  I stopped what I was working on to check the name of the song:  Sorority Noise’s “No Halo”.

Holy shit guys this song is really good.  Like really really good.  Like “Your Graduation” good.  I’ma listen to that song on repeat all day long.

The rest of the album is really good, but I was too wrapped up in my excitement for the album to take better notes, mental or otherwise.  I don’t know if it’s an emo classic like You’re Going to Miss it All or I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time to Time, but I wouldn’t fault anyone for putting it in that category.

I think I’m going to call Emo Spring on Memorial Day, which means I have two more days to find some killer soft-angst and suburban grief.  Bring it on, Spotify.