Context – migrating my server

One of these days I’m going to look up a band’s genre before I listen to them.  Spotify’s “New Releases” section is a trap, and I don’t appreciate being tricked again.

We Are Leo has a name that suggests it was either another post-rock band or maybe a pop-punk/emo band.  I know I haven’t listened to an emo album in a while.  We’re running out of spring to keep the Emo Spring moniker alive.  Maybe it died with Moose Blood.  Still, finding four new bands that I would happily add to my steady rotation is not a bad haul for a season.  If Emo Spring makes an Irish Goodbye I wouldn’t be too bummed.  I’ll just be in my room, grateful for the resurrection of my love for emo, totally not crying to “Cherry”.

But I still had high hopes that We Are Leo would be something over-dramatic and delightful to wrap up an overwhelmingly stressful week.  Can you grasp the spirit of what I’m going for?

Imagine my surprise when this generic ass techno-pop comes on.  Yea, nothing at all like the night I was trying to have.  But I try to keep an open mind; after all, I could imagine Interparty System going a bit more mainstream.  We do live in a post-Skrillex world, so I know that misguided emo kids  sometimes tricks you into grooving, as We Are Leo does like one and a half times. I should admit that I have a soft spot for Metro Station,  so maybe if I give this like a two songs’ worth of a chance I could find something redeeming about The Rush & The Roar.  People who make generic ass techno-pop are also salt-of-the-earth musicians, too.

And then I get to the song “Warrior”, which is all about “the one who turns the weak into the strong // you were made to be a warrior.”  I thought “No, surely not again.  Surely there would have been a sign before now.”

Can you guess what’s about to happen?

I do what any reasonable Millennial with access to the internet would do, and I Google We Are Leo.  And this is what I learn: 

We Are Leo is an American Christian pop rock band from Chicago, IL.

How many times am I going to fall for this?  When will I learn?

When, I beg you?

Not today, dear reader.  Not today.