Context – waiting around

I don’t like it when scene kids make dance music.  Not into it.

I like a few Metro Station songs from their first album (do they still make music?), I like that new Paramore album (which isn’t dance music so much), I like a few other random examples.  Usually I enjoy dance sections in heavier songs like Attack Attack does from time to time.

But pop-punk and emo aren’t really dance tunes, so when your primary influence seems to be those genres it’s hard to effectively transition into dance music.  It’s not impossible, but the odds are stacked against you.

Hey Violet seems torn between some light EDM, some pop, some emo, and something else I’m not really considering at the moment.  If I want synths and steady beats I’d much rather go straight pop or back to The Birthday Massacre.  As it stands this is a hard pass for me.